Can You Help to Protect Belfountain’s Environment?

Protecting the unique environment of Belfountain will require the efforts of many, within and outside of our community. The Belfountain Community Organizations mandate from the community is Committed to Preserving the Rural, Heritage and Environmental Integrity of the Hamlet of Belfountain and its Environs.

There are three threats facing us today:

  1. Manors of Belfountain subdivision
  2. The Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant
  3. James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL)’s “Erin Pit Expansion” Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) license application Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) March 22, 2021.

We understand from your feedback to our surveys that many of you want to financially support our fight against these threats to protect our unique ecosystem.   We have structured our fundraising so you can choose specifically how your generosity is utilized.   This allows any invoices for legal fees or expert opinions to be directly aligned with any donations made to that specific project.

a) Donate directly to the B.C.O: 100% of donations made are used to pay legal fees, experts’ invoices, and administration costs. No tax receipts are available.  The B.C.O. is an incorporated non-profit organization supported by volunteers. You can donate directly to the B.C.O. by cheque, cash or e-transfer by contacting  treasurer@, to support the initiatives.  You can tell us whether you would like your donation allocated to a specific project or to the B.C.O. in general, to be distributed where needed.   B.C.O. administration costs are outlined in our financial statements which are reviewed publicly at the Annual General Meeting and posted to our website.

b) Donate to Small Change Fund: For those of you who would like a tax receipt, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Small Change Fund.  When you donate $25 or more to any of the three projects, you will receive a tax receipt.  SCF does retain a percentage of the funds donated to support the services they provide as outlined on their website. About | Small Change FundAs projects are resolved and donations received are higher than the invoices for the project, the overage will be applied to the most urgent of the remaining two issues.

  1. The Manors of Belfountain Development proposes to add 75 houses and double the size of the hamlet. We await a comprehensive response from our hydrogeologist regarding water impact. To find out why it is so important to oppose this development and to donate to help support the fight, please follow this link:  Belfountain Needs Your Help

  1. The Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent poses a significant challenge to the health of this highly sensitive branch of the West Credit River. Effluent from the plant is to be diffused into the river near the spawning beds at the county line. This area is habitat for Native Brook Trout who require optimal water temperatures for survival. Brook Trout are cold water fish, and they rely on cold water seeps and springs to regulate water temperature. Optimal temperatures for Brook Trout are 14 degrees during hot summer months, 10 degrees in the fall for spawning and 6 degrees for egg development. Anything above these temperatures will stress the fish and impact their life cycle.

The Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant will diffuse 7,171,000 litres of effluent daily, at full build out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The temperature of effluent diffused into the river must be regulated for Brook Trout survival. To donate, please follow the link:  Cut the Crap, Save the Credit

  1. This project is the most urgent of the three as the date for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is set for March 22nd, 2021 and expected to last five days. The B.C.O. are party to the LPAT and will require experts and legal representation.  JDCL are applying for a license to operate a new gravel pit between Winston Churchill and Shaws Creek Road on the North side of the West Credit River.   The application to mine below the water table does not consider the impact on drinking water and private wells of the residents of Belfountain.  The overflow pipe into the West Credit River is almost directly across from the proposed effluent pipe of the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant.    To find out why it so important to oppose the new gravel pit license and to donate to support the fight, please follow this link:  Gravel Pit Threatens Belfountain

Thank you in advance for your support.  We are working hard on your behalf on all three of these threats.  We are gathering quotes from the experts for each project.   We will be able to announce their costs for the next stages to you shortly.  

Without your financial support, it will not be possible to secure the favoured outcomes for the residents of Belfountain and environs.

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