Belfountain Resident, David Kendall’s latest Publication SLAG

David Kendall’s ‘ecological thriller’ titled SLAG would surely be an ideal Christmas present.

You’ll revel in the reading of this novel, and have the further comfort of knowing that every penny of its $15.95 price goes to the Bruce Trail and the Escarpment Biosphere conservancies. It’s also available on Amazon and Kobo as an e-book at $9.95, and again every penny goes to the two conservancies.

David is a Belfountain resident who worked 21 years as a staff reporter with the Toronto Sun Newspaper. His first novel co-won the Seal First Novel Award and was later released as an MGM feature motion picture called Where The River Runs Black.

The subjects around which David’s ‘ecological thrillers’ revolve are the threatened ingredients of our inherited environment. Did you know that Appendix I endangered female gyrfalcons from the Canadian north sell at $100,000 a pop to Saudi falconers? That a single truckload of severed shark fins could be worth a million dollars? Yet the longest sentence any trader in endangered animals has suffered in Canada is three months. It’s money like drugs, penalties like shop-lifting. My heroes–and the heroes of every endangered species across the planet–are the men and women who risk their lives in the defense of Nature.

Promo words on the back cover of SLAG:

“Inama Meena is a “dalit,“an ‘untouchable’. He is one of 200 million outcastes born to be spurned by the rest of Indian society, bound by the belief that he earned his life of lowly drudgery in a previous incarnation. He immigrates to Canada and works as a street cleaner. Can a person so warped of spirit resurrect himself in ‘the land of the free’? One day, in a Spadina Avenue gutter, his broom unearths a severed finger. It happens outside an up-market Chinese restaurant. So starts Inama’s incursion into the dark world of the illegal shark fin trade.”

You can buy SLAG through the websites of the Bruce Trail or the Escarpment Biosphere. To avoid paying for shipping, buy it at Renaissance shop in Erin, The Higher Ground Café and the Common Good in Belfountain, or from David Kendall at or by phone at 519-927-3204.

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