Belfountain Park Closed for 2021 – Notice From CVC

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) will not be opening Belfountain Conservation Area this operating season. The park will be closed to the public for the entirety of 2021. This closure includes access from the Trimble Trail (Bruce Trail side trail) through Belfountain Conservation Area. The closure does not affect the adjacent Willoughby property, which will remain open. However, entrance to Belfountain Conservation Area, through the Willoughby property is strictly prohibited.

CVC have advised they are closing Belfountain Conservation Area to undertake critical restoration projects that will help protect and manage the natural and cultural heritage of the property. As you may be aware, in 2017 the Minister of Environment approved CVC’s Environmental Assessment (EA) to restore a portion of the West Credit River. This is part of Phase 1 of the Belfountain Conservation Area Management Plan. To safely undertake this work, it is necessary that the park be closed to the public.

Restoration projects include removing the sedimented headpond, creating a new natural channel and lowering the Belfountain dam by one metre to improve its structural stability and to increase the flow and overall health of the river. We will also be planting 169 new trees and 515 new shrubs, restoring the Mack Park cultural heritage features, and replacing the boardwalk system and pedestrian bridge.  

Information about the Environmental Assessment and the Belfountain Conservation Area Management Plan are available on CVC’s website at

The CVC have advised that they understand that Belfountain Conservation Area is a valued and popular destination for residents and visitors from across the GTA.  Their goal is to redirect visitors to other CVC properties so they can continue to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. 

The CVC will be taking a number of steps to ensure their partners and members of the public are notified of the closure. Starting today CVC will begin sharing this closure notice through direct communication with their local, regional and provincial partners, Belfountain businesses, Belfountain residents and their Conservation Park members and visitors.  The general public will be advised through a variety of on-going tactics including a press release, social media messaging, website notifications and physical on-site signage.  The CVC would appreciate your support in sharing and reinforcing the message through your communication channels.

The CVC anticipates that Belfountain Conservation Area will re-open for the 2022 operating season. 

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