Belfountain Community Organization Will be Losing Several Long Term Directors this Spring and Is Recruiting

We are currently recruiting for new members of the Belfountain Community Organization Board of Directors. Membership in the Belfountain Community Organization (“B.C.O.”) is available to all residents of Belfountain and environs by registering at or emailing   The Board of Directors are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) which will be held on May 4th, 2022 7 p.m. this year.  After soliciting feedback from the members, the Board of Directors (“Board”) vote to decide how to move the Belfountain Community Organization forward.

The Board organizes all our volunteer activities, manages our relationships with local communities and First Nations, and liaises government agencies, Staff, Councillors and the Mayor at the Town of Caledon and Region of Peel.   The Belfountain Community Organization mandate from the residents, and therefore the mission statement, is to act in a manner that is  “Committed to Preserving the Rural, Heritage and Environmental Integrity of the Hamlet of Belfountain and its Environs”.

This year brings many changes to the B.C.O. Board.  Several long tenured members have chosen not to continue on in 2022, due to moving out of the area and changes in personal commitments.   The focus of the Board for many years is the land under the proposed Manors of Belfountain development.  The Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant and aggregate mining are threatening the Credit River and surrounding land.   The new Board will work through the final outcomes of these situations as a new President, Vice President, and Secretary are elected.

By reviewing the successful projects of the Board of 2021, we have identified the skills required to provide the future Board with support.   If you are interested in being considered for the Board of Directors, you are required to complete a Nomination Form prior to the AGM.   As you complete your nomination form, we are asking you identify the specific skills you have so that we can align.   We are asking for these details through a survey which is accessed through the link in the form. 2022 Belfountain Nomination Form and Skills Survey

We are hoping that even if you chose not to join the Board of Directors in a formal way, you can offer your help and volunteer to be a resource to the Board when needed.   If you prefer not to join the Board of Directors please email and let us know how you could help. These are the skills that are needed:  Corporate Governance, Finance and Audit, Communication, Human Resources and Personnel, Governmental Policy and Public Affairs, Property Land Use and Development, Sector Knowledge (Heritage, Rural Communities, et. ) Strategic Planning (Development and Execution), Social Food & Beverage, Event Planning, community knowledge and ties, Marketing, Insurance and Risk Management, Information Technology, and/or Social Media.

Joining the Board is a way to meet wonderful people and to learn skills which will benefit both you and many others.  If you think you might be interested please download and complete the Nomination Form  2022 Belfountain Nomination Form and Skills Survey Click on the link within the Nomination Form to complete the skills survey.

Please send your completed form and/or if you would like to learn more about the opportunity, please email

Save the date for our AGM May 4th 7 p.m. via Zoom.

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